Creating Image Maps With Fireworks And Joomla

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Creating Image Maps With Fireworks And Joomla

Creating clickable hotspots on your images is a really neat way to liven up your website. Here we show you how using Adobe Fireworks to create the image map html code and then publish it in a Joomla article.

First you're going to need an image

example image

Open the image in Adobe Fireworks and using the Rectangle Hotspot Tool select the area you want the hotspot to cover

Image with hotspot added

Don't forget to complete the details for the Link, ALT and Target for your new hotspot:
Link - enter the full url address of the new page
ALT - type in a description for the image Target - Set this to Self for the link to open in the same browser tab or Blank to open a new tab when clicked

Next Export the image. Make sure you select the option to export the HTML files as well as the image

Export image example

Now we need to add the image to our Joomla media library and import to our Joomla article

Finally we need to edit the code behind the image to include the HTML map information

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You’re Done.

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